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Long-Lasting Spray Foam Roof Maintenance For Your Business

Polyurethane Spray Foam is known for being durable and easy to maintain. Trust Cozifoam to maintain your foam roofing system to keep it lasting as long as possible!

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Why Does My Roof Need Maintenance?

A foam roof is a sound investment and will protect your commercial property long-term, but it must be maintained to ensure it remains functional. Failure to maintain the roof regularly could result in water damage and expensive repairs for businesses.

Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Save Thousands of Dollars

Reliable Property Investment

How Often Does Spray Foam Roof Maintenance Need To Be completed?

Commercial properties that use polyurethane spray foam for their roof system should maintain it every year. Cozifoam offers steady and reliable roof maintenance agreements that include yearly inspections to ensure your roof is in working order.

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What's involved in Spray Foam Roof Maintenance?

Inspecting & Repairing Loose Flashings

Cleaning Roof Drains & Scuppers

Cleaning & Removal of Accumulated Debris

Inspecting & Repairing Third Party Damage (i.e. damage caused by maintenance technicians (i.e. HVAC), passersby, animals)

Inspecting & Repairing Damage From Extreme Weather

Written Report on Roof Condition

Roof Maintenance Agreements

When you choose a Cozifoam Roof Armor System, you’re covered by one of the most comprehensive roof warranties in the industry. We stand behind our work, so that’s why we’re proud to offer our exclusive 15-year warranty. If it leaks, we’ll fix it! That’s our guarantee.

How much money will I save?

Firestone Building Products and The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress have done long-term studies that reveal building owners who have roof maintenance contracts extend their roof's lifespan by as much as 61%, reducing their lifetime roof cost by 56%! For example: imagine two identical 20,000 sq. ft. buildings with the same new roofing systems, costing $140,000 in total. If these roofs receive regular maintenance, the studies found these roofs could last 21 years. Without regular inspections, these same roofs lasted only about 11 years before needing to be replaced, costing the owner another $140,000 (and that's without inflation!)

What does it cost?

The annual cost of a Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement can vary slightly according to the location and use of the building, its proximity to trees, the number and type of rooftop units and so on. Generally, these agreements cost about 10 cents/ sq ft of roof area, with a minimum of $250 for smaller roofs. A mobilization fee may apply for outlying areas.

What's included?

All Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement include one yearly inspection of your Cozifoam spray foam roofing system. The yearly inspection includes everything our normal one-time roof inspections has, except we also include the repair or replacement of damaged areas (limited to 1% of the total roof area per year).

The Maintenance Agreement is renewable yearly or prepaid for the term you desire. A 10% discount applies to prepaid Maintenance Agreements.

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